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Stepping into Julie Fitzmaurice is the ultimate in personal luxury. There is something about the process of being measured, choosing the details such as the right shoulder line, the neckline, the silhouette, going for fittings, the impeccable finishing. You gain a level of craftsmanship and quality, from our skilled stylists, who fill you with confidence for your special day.


Our aim here at Julie Fitzmaurice is finding the perfect outfit for each and every one of you from sizes 6-28 so you feel truly fabulous in your bespoke Julie Fitzmaurice outfit.


Size does not matter to us, it’s how your clothes fit and how you wear them that’s is important and we can make you leave feeling on top of the world and looking truly wonderful.  

Larger Sizes: Inner_about


whatever your shape, size, and style requirements - we can create the perfect outfit for you

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