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Whether the wedding is in the first few weeks of spring or in the middle of summer - it's time to start thinking and planning ahead.

There’s very little in the way of a wedding guest outfit rulebook (other than no white) there is relative freedom when it comes to pulling together your outfit, below are some of our top tips and advice for you this wedding season.

This season, spring/summer fashion is brighter than ever with all shades of blues, reds, yellows, and the hottest shade of 2018, purple and all shades of sugared almonds.

Mid lengths are still huge this year, while patterns, braids, detailing and vibrant coloured dresses are on-trend this season, in fact, with white off the menu, we recommend experimenting with colour as much as you dare.

Go couture. There’s nothing worse than a same-dress situation at a wedding, so make sure you head to view the couture range where you will find a one-off made to measure outfits with the wow factor. You’ll be inundated with compliments, and there’s a big chance you’ll be able to wear the outfit again and again year after year and best yet it will be fitted to perfection.

UK spring /summer weather can be a little unpredictable so with this in mind, you might need to think about a statement coat, a beautifully fitted blazer, or a tailored jacket during wedding season, almost any lady attending a wedding finishes her ensemble with a layering piece, like a pashmina or bespoke chiffon scarf that can be dyed to match in any colour from Julie Fitzmaurice which will compliment the dress for the evening, a statement hat or fascinator too can be a clever piece of styling if theres a chance of rain.

Cooler weather can also mean more opportunities for dresses that have sleeves, and they’re far more likely to keep you warm than a sleeveless option. Plus an elegant sleeved dress from our made to measure range which can be made in lace, satin, wool crepe and chiffon – is pure luxury, whilst still adding a touch of warmth to your outfit or why not opt for our Julie Fitzmaurice bespoke Palazzo trousers - which are perfect for a touch of glamour and best yet - they will keep you warm and covered up.

Another top tip is to wear wedges if it’s an outdoor wedding it will stop your amazing stiletto’s getting ruined from sinking into the grass, you’ll be able to cruise across the grass and dance the night away in a pair of comfy stylish wedges.

Attending numerous weddings in succession can also be costly, especially if each event requires a new outfit. That’s why here at Julie Fitzmaurice we understand everyone has a budget our team of stylists can help - we suggest investing in a couple of versatile dresses to get you through the season by updating for each wedding by wearing a different bag, hat, pair of shoes and jewellery to create a different look.

In the cold weather why not wear one of our Julie Fitzmaurice bespoke pure wool duster coats over your dress available in the colour of your choice and in the high summer a soft see through organza coat covers the arms and looks so elegant.

Another tip is to take a pair of sunglasses with you in your clutch. There’s bound to be many photo opportunities outside throughout the day, and with your sunglasses on you’ll look elegant in all of the photos.

And finally our tips to not upstage the bride, with professional photographers around and other guests snapping away throughout the day, its obvious you want to look your best, without running the risk of outshining the bride, with this in mind we find keeping things straightforward and simple is always the wisest move, choose outfit colours which complement your skin tone and never go for something too loud, you can look and feel your best and make a simple yet touch of glamour following our tips above without stealing the show.

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