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Mother of the Bride / Groom - We're here to help!

Are you the mother of the bride or groom this year? - and now you've got so much to think about, helping your son or daughter plan their special day, the guest list, the dress, the venue... the hen night... But with so much going on, it's really easy to let yourself not be priority on this special day.

So we're here to give you a friendly personal service that will make you look and feel your absolute best on your son or daughters big wedding day - think of the photographs that will hang on the wall for years and years to come and we are here to help to make you feel special on one of the proudest days you will ever have.

It's no good feeling stressed, overwhelmed or like you're running out of time to look and feel amazing in those photographs. It's also no good feeling like you don't know what to wear because this is where we come in and take the pressure out of it all for you.

We've got everything you need, we can work to any budget, whether it be something from our ready to wear range or our couture, made to measure range we will have a solution to suit your personal circumstance. No more stress, no more worrying - just take action and book an appointment today.


We've even got all the accessories to match your outfit so our team of stylists can help with the jewellery, hats, fascinators and handbags to pull the outfit together.


01423 562932

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