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Stephanie Smith reports for the Evening Post.

Gok Wan with Gini Palm, left, of Harrogate's Julie Fitzmaurice, which provide the outfit for makeover nominee Liz Blackburn, soon to collect her British Empire Medal for being a house mother at a boys school.

Stephanie Smith reports for the Evening Post.

Julie Fitzmaurice, which has been in Parliament Street, Harrogate, since 1934, has come along with a range of outfits for the miracle makeover, when a member of the audience is selected to go backstage to be transformed by the style team, which in Leeds comprises Gok’s own stylists plus hair and make-up by students at Sheffield College. Gok has pre-selected the makeover outfits from Julie Fitzmaurice’s bespoke range. Owner Gini Palm says that the simple statement look of the Royals is an inspiration for many of her clients, especially the Duchess of Cambridge, so she has brought along her long wool jacket, which can be dyed in 200 colours. It’s ideal for a mother-of-the-bride look, after which it can be shortened to wear with jeans. “Nobody wants redundant clothes in their wardrobe,” Gini says. Gok called her “out of the blue”, after seeing the brand’s website. “He said, ‘I love your clothes, love your style - I’m falling in love with you,” she laughs. Today’s makeover miracle is Liz Blackburn, from Rastrick, who is soon to attend a ceremony to accept the British Empire Medal she was awarded earlier this year to recognise her work as a house mother, helping more than a thousand boys with special educational needs during her 30-year career at the William Henry Smith School in Brighouse.

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